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Welcome to Nangoma by PT H@TI

Is the ideal company to get a wide variety of furniture whether you are looking for different and unique styles or different materials in the furniture manufacturing. Our extensive experience and our specialization in the custom designs, in addition to our co-operation with specialized workshops and factories under the supervision of our expert team gave us the required flexibility and the ability to produce all models and styles from all type of materials.

As your reliable partner, we are committed to deliver you high-quality control at every production process, starting from receiving your order until delivering your shipment as quickly as possible and follow up with you if the furniture requires specific installation. Also, the MC (Moisture Content) will be entirely controlled and maintained. Your customized and private designs will never be made or shown to any other clients, as we entirely guarantee protecting your copyrights.

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Contact Person:
Rita Cahaya / Director


+62 821 3839 3805

Product Range:
Indoor furniture and wood craft

Production capacity:
1 x 40 std / month


Jl. Bandulan,Sukoharjo,Ngaglik Sleman,Yogyakarta

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